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Ice Dam Removal Selkirk Canada

Safe & Reliable Ice Dam Removal in Selkirk Canada
Our commercial grade steamers get the job done quickly for homes and businesses in Selkirk Canada, economically, and most of all without damage to your roof. DamBreakers of Selkirk Canada uses steamers that produce more steam at much higher temperatures than the ones many of our competitors use. This allows us to remove your ice dam in a fraction of the time. It is crucial to control the steam temperature while removing an ice dam so as not to cause damage to shingles.

For more information about our Selkirk Ice Dam Removal or Selkirk Rooftop Snow Removal services or to schedule your appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us directly at 204-771-9820 or 204-222-1288.

With DamBreakers, Ice Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Ice Dam Removal Solutions

As one of Winnepeg Canada’s oldest and biggest ice dam removal companies, DamBreakers has been safely taking care of homeowner’s snow and ice headaches for years.

Our services include:
Ice dam removal
Rooftop Snow Removal
Ice dam prevention
Water & Ice Damage Restoration


Water & Ice Damage Repair

Ice dams can cause interior water damage to your home. Ice dams block the normal flow of water from the roof.

As more snow melts and turns to water, it becomes trapped by the dam and can leak back into your home. The best way to remove an ice dam is with steam. This process is gentle on your home, but tough on ice.

Rooftop Snow Removal

It may look nice, but a thick layer of snow on top of your roof is not a good thing for your home. Snow is very heavy and the accumulation of several inches of snow on your roof could cause real damage.

Using special shovels that won’t damage your roof top. All certified DamBreakers professionals know the safest most efficient way to clear your roof top.

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